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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Aramaic background to Mark 2.24

I've been reading with some interest the comments on Maurice Casey's Aramaic Sources of Mark's Gospel by Edward Cook's blog and in particular Mark 2.24. Now I should declare my interests first. Maurice Casey was my PhD supervisor and has remained a close friend so perhaps it's inevitable that I'll defend him from time to time. Unfortunately, I'm in the process of moving and books that I don't immediately need are packed away, including language dictionaries and Casey's book, not to mention the fact that I'm not currently close to a university library so I can't make any points of detail for the time being. But it does seem to me that the options for the precise phrase underlying ho ouk exestin are not dramatically significant for the meaning (in Aramaic) of the passage as a whole as as would (say) knowing what was meant by 'son of man' in 2.28. Casey has often argued that precise words remain unknown in certain passages not least due to there being a variety of possibilities with little to choose between them. 2.24 would be a good example. Anyway, enough of that. Discussions such as Edward Cook's are the kind I always enjoy reading and discussing. Hopefully there will be more discussion and hopefully I can get myself sorted in order to look at them in more detail. This discussion deserves more than I've offered here.