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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Death of a fascist

John Tyndall, founder of the far right British National Party (BNP), died yesterday aged 71. He was also a leading figure of the National Front (NF) in the 1970s. He was also, unsurprisingly, openly racist, homophobic, and misogynist. He was frequently in and out of courts and prision over issues of racial hatred.

One obituary has rightly pointed out that he should not be thought of as a bit of a joke character because he and his heavies brought fear to many. I remember some of the NF types and those influenced by the NF in my hometown as a youngster (it didn't seem to matter that there was no sizeable ethnic community in Barrow-in-Furness). Having dark hair and a very mild tan I was often cast in the role of 'foreigner' and even a couple of years ago I was grilled by a right meat headed bastard claiming I was Turkish. When I finally convinced him I wasn't Turkish he said that 'they' were taking over Barrow etc. etc. I asked him where about in Barrow. He answered, the Kebab shop for a start. Well, I've lived in Barrow most of my life and I'm pretty sure there was no thriving white Anglo-Saxon kebab trade or good old English crumpet cafes. I was told that when I get to his age (about late 30s!) I'd understand. Note the assumption that I'm the ignorant one.

The BNP are still trying to break through in Barrow but there are a combination of anti-fascists preventing this. The work of trade unionists, the Anti-Nazi League, Searchlight, and a range of other anti-fascist groups and individuals goes unrecognised in preventing the spread of far-right ideology and taming the influence of figures such as Tyndall. They do a lot of the dirty work in preventing far-right gatherings and far-right propaganda, travelling to some unsavoury and at times dangerous venues. Their work would be aided no end if the British media weren't so hysterical about asylum.


Anonymous Rich C said...

It's not particularly nice when people die as you have to consider others that are emotionally involved. However, in this case I couldn't really give a toss. In fact, I'm quite glad. It's one thing passing the odd racist comment in 'jest', I can just either ignore them or highlight their ignorance to them and others. It's another thing, however, to make a career out of being a daft racist and being heavy handed about it.

I have also experienced racism at first hand. There was clearly a lack of targets in my home town so having a huge mop of black curly hair certainly didn't help.

July 20, 2005

Blogger James Crossley said...

I didn't lose any sleep it has to be said.

July 21, 2005


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