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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I'm setting off on a stop-start journey to Liverpool for the BNTC, although not quite a detour to match travelling from Tyre to the Decapolis via Sidon. I should be able to blog before Thurs but you may have to wait for BNTC related blogs when it is over. I'm going to respond to Rafael Rodriguez's paper on memory, reputation and the historical Jesus. I've enjoyed reading the paper and I'm confident it will produce some good discussion.

There are a variety of papers available for downloading on the BNTC website.

Incidentally, this seems to be my first NT/earliest Christian history related comment in some time. Ah well.


Anonymous steph said...

well maybe not early Christianity but all your comments are related to religion - plenty of religion in politics and education and isn't football a religion of sorts?

Anyway (sob sob) I was looking foward to a running commentary on the BNTC. I can't wait to hear about Ken Olsen's paper...

Best wishes, not that you'll hear them now ... BEST WISHES!!!!

August 30, 2005

Blogger Michael F. Bird said...

James, I was gonna recommend that you change the name of your blog to "Why I Like Football and Hate Fundamentalism!" unless you started doing more NT and Christian Origins stuff. Glad to hear that NT is back on the radar. I look forward to hearing your comments on the memory paper. Since Dunn's book Jesus Remembered, there has been an explosion of papers, articles and edited books on the topic of memory, orality and the Jesus tradition. I think there is to be a seminar on the subject at SBL. I've added my own thoughts to the subject, but now I'm too busy to return to it. I look forward to the BNTC summary.

August 31, 2005

Blogger J. B. Hood said...


got a url on papers to download from BNTC? I hit the site but couldn't see any papers to download, just abstracts.


September 04, 2005

Anonymous steph said...

j.b. - some papers seem to be available - Rafael's is for example, under the Jesus Seminar, Ken Olsen's isn't ... I hope they put them all there for us!

September 05, 2005

Blogger James Crossley said...

That's right, just follow the link to 'Seminars' and then choose whichever seminar you want and see if they have papers (some, not all do).

September 05, 2005


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