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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


As Jim West has already noted, Pat Robertson has more political insight, this time concerning Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. Robertson claimed that the US govt should assassinate Chavez to prevent Venezuela not only becoming 'a launching pad' for that old bogeyman communism but even more amazingly the new one, 'Muslim extremism' (have I missed something major happening in Venezuelan religion?!). The logic: it would save on a later costly war!

Rent-a-quote Robertson has come out with some spectacular statements in the past before. One of my favourites is that feminism leads to, among other things, women killing their children, becoming witches, and, naturally, ending up as lesbians.

There's no point going through his argument point by point as he can't even be taken remotely seriously but the general effect of an alarmist portrayal (I'm being too kind to Robertson now) of Islam is depressing and contributes to the ever growing negative portrayal of Islam. As ever 'Muslim extremism' is thought to be everywhere. Another not-quite-as-weird example is noted by a couple of news blogs who report the following letter in The Times (London):

August 11, 2005 'Effects of new drinking hours' From Mr Andrew M. Rosemarine
Sir, I turned teetotal having seen, as a barrister, many lives destroyed by alcohol: those of both otherwise law-abiding citizens, who committed acts of violence when drunk, and their victims.
Like Judge Charles Harris, QC, and the Council of Her Majesty’s Circuit Judges (report, August 10), my many Muslim friends also see large-scale loutish alcoholism, and the society which permits it, as decadent.
Allowing pubs to open round the clock will increase Muslim disaffection
and support for those fighting such decadence. Extended drinking hours may cause more terrorism.

Whatever absurdity will next be associated with Islam and terrorism?


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