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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Melanie Phillips' Blog

Melanie Phillips, one of the top comedy acts of the British right wing press (she's not serious, right? What? NO, she can't be!), has a blog which is full of anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian polemic. She fires at the 'British Bias Corporation' (unlike you, eh Melanie?) for its supposedly anti-Israel stance. she thinks global warming issues are just an anti-western left wing conspiracy. For those not familiar Melanie Phillips: she is the Daily Mail's and middle England's Voice of Reason and Truth. She has made significant historical inaccuracies but naturally allowed to pass by unscathed. For all their slagging off of the BBC these people get interviewed and put on Question Time (and yes by the BBC) in the interests of 'balance'. For some reason she is treated seriously. Asking her opinion on just about any of the burning issues of the day is sort of like asking a semi-literate anti-evolutionist, non-scientific biblical creationist to review the latest results of evolutionary biology in the interests of balance.

I do the reporting, you decide!

Anyway, enough of my opinions on right wing hacks (that could last a long time). The real reason for this entry is that some readers will be interested in this piece of information on her blog: the organisation of 'Anglicans for Israel' by Simon McIlwaine. Phillips includes a letter where McIlwaine defends settlements and the 'fence' and pushes for Anglican support for Israel. Here are Phillips' comments:
Heartening and uplifting news about a group of brave and decent Christians who have decided to challenge the Anglican animosity towards Israel...one can only hope that Mr McIlwaine now finds many other similarly well-informed, courageous and principled Christians who will join his group and turn it into a force that can defeat the moral and spiritual evil that has so consumed the Anglican church.


Blogger Pseudo-intellectual lunatic said...

cool blog

September 09, 2005

Blogger Pseudo-intellectual lunatic said...

cool blog

September 09, 2005

Blogger Jim said...

she sounds a nut! but we have plenty of those here in the States and most of them work for Bush.

By the way, I like your pseudo spammer....


September 09, 2005

Anonymous steph said...

she knows the facts and everything else is propaganda? Her whole blog is rhetorical sewage - is she the pseudo-intellectual lunatic?

September 09, 2005

Anonymous Christopher Shell said...

If she gets the facts wrong, she must be put right on that - as we all must. But of all the people to object about, why someone who doesnt just go with the crowd, but has enough passion and caring in her to speak up, and to stand up for good things?
Im sure that (being a journalist) she is sometimes ill-researched and opinionated. But her basic premise on negative social changes over the last 40 years could hardly be more conclusively backed up by the stats, surely - that is as obvious as saying the emperor has no clothes. No-one would claim anything else re the rise in divorces, crime, abortions etc.. Or have I missed something?

September 21, 2005

Anonymous Paul said...

I like Melanie Phillips and she obviously gets Left/Liberals ire up. Good for Melanie !!

September 01, 2006

Blogger grizzle100 said...

you misunderstand paul. its not about politics, that's what Mel wants. Its about being informed and being an idiot,. she is the latter. There are plenty of tories who think she's an idiot. there are plenty of chrisitans who accpet evolution. its the fools like mel who don't get science and faith are not the same.

September 15, 2006

Blogger sethian1 said...

More often than not it saddens me to see intelligent people of the left substituting name-calling, vituperation and other ad hominem arguments instead of facts and reason. Why the propensity to smear and insult rather than coming together to reason?

April 28, 2007

Anonymous Paul said...

To call her an idiot doesn't make it true. What about the people who agree with what she says ? Are they idiots as well? I find that Leftists and Liberals (in general) are cordial-until one disagrees with them. Then they rant as much as the people they like to castigate ad nauseum.

August 10, 2007

Blogger BBC hater said...

Melanie is right. The only issue on which I depart from her is the existence of any God, speaking as an atheist of strong conviction. Most of the comments against her are from silly naive people who have been taken in by the BBC/Jon Snow/Guardian propaganda campaign against America, Israel, common sense, being British, being rightfully concerned about the scourge of Islam. PC duffers who can't generate their own opinions.

April 11, 2008

Anonymous paul maleski said...

Goebbels was right, the jew is as much a chameleon as an imitator. Sachi's recent grotesque pile of psuedo excrement: jewish mirror image display; just about sums the chosen race up, in one stinking dollop sic. Rozenburg should tell the goyim, in plain English, just how the moslem came to Blighty in the first place. She should know! Her race was behind it: Russian jew Frank Soskice, (race relations Act 1965) and a succession of jewish politicians and jewish utopian melting pot propagandist lobby cabals; Amnesty International, Runnymede Trust, Leo Abse, Driberg, the Brittens, Howard, Straw, Linda Bellos et al. Just like the Wall Street jew, they bankrupt the goyim and then have the effronetery (chutzpah)to beg for compensation. For 50 years, the jew was the potent poisoned political force that encouraged black, non Christian immigration; now Rozenburg tells the goyim-- enough is enough. Throughout Christian civilized history the jew has always wreaked hypocritical destruction.

October 29, 2008


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