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Monday, December 19, 2005

Cantona speaks out

One of the true greats in the history of English football and one who is never short of a word or two has given his latest installment here.

Here's a couple of comments:

Cantona went further, comparing Nicolas Sarkozy, the interior minister who was widely criticised for his reactions to the crisis, to the leader of the far-right Front National. 'In France we are capable of celebrating a man like Napoleon, who brought back slavery,' Cantona said. 'Today he has been replaced by a man who, for me, is simply [Jean-Marie] Le Pen with a mask: Sarkozy.'

'Ronaldinho is the kind of player who makes kids dream. Kids aren't going to walk around with Deschamps or Desailly on the back of their shirts, are they? If there were only players like Deschamps and Desailly around, there would be about 10 people who'd bother to take up professional football and they'd be their cousins and nephews.'

Cantona is unimpressed that Ferguson's fate is in the hands of an American millionaire in his first season in charge. Glazer is 'a guy who looks more like he should be propping up a bar somewhere, or perhaps a bar owner. I just hope he has the humility to let other people make the decisions. People who know about football.'

God bless him


Anonymous steph said...

Long lost brother?

December 19, 2005


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