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Friday, December 30, 2005

Not really a review of the year

I've been reading a few blogs and noting their reviews of the year. I'm not normally a top ten or review of the year type person myself and that trend will remain here. But they obviously are designed to make you disagree and think what you want as your top whatever. I was thinking about books and I have next to nothing in my mind. I mean there are one or two I enjoyed in non-fiction biblical studies (e.g. Secular Bible). There were several in politics (esp. Mark Curtis -can't remember if it was this year) and finally a genuinely important book from a western theologian rather than all the pointless stuff I keep reading. Anyway, I started to read it although I can't remember the title but it was a very accurate attack on the Christian right and I bought it at SBL (I'll mention it when I get round to it).

Music? I have had some unhappy blog moments (in the wider world of blogging not just biblioblogging) noting people with some very opposite views having a music taste which I (as a self confessed music bigot) agree with. The other problem I've had is being too busy and my music collection has sadly suffered. Yet must mention Grandaddy and Excerpts From The Diary Of Todd Zilla. Looks good for the next album. And there are some good releases due in the new year. Film: that Czech one on opening a supermarket in Prague.

Right, that's all you'll get on THAT front. Soon back to the usual drivel.


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You crack me up!

December 30, 2005


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