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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Arsenal 0 United 0

Well that's unsurprisingly that. Can't see Chelsea being touched this season as they relentlessly beat team after team. United may well finish second but you might hope that a weak Arsenal side wouldn't be such a great threat. United need a top class midfielder and soon. Oh well.


Blogger Jim said...

If by midfielder you mean someone who can stand in the middle of a field and do absolutely nothing- I'll take the job!

January 03, 2006

Blogger JamesHD said...

I totally agree it's not looking good for the Gooners, I just hope we've got enough fight to finish above Spurs when it's all said and done. I understand that Wenger is probably trying to save money and wait until the new stadium but we really need some solid, old fashion English players (midfield, fullback and goalie especially) to go with the skilful continental players to give us back our edge?

Hopefully if you're interested you can visit this new Arsenal fan site (www.ardysarsenal.com) which was built by myself and my die hard Arsenal friend Ardy! I would love to get some feedback.

All the best

January 04, 2006

Anonymous steph said...

Gooners? That's blasphemy! You better wash your mouth out with soap - or you'll join Tom in a handcart!

January 05, 2006

Anonymous Noelinho said...


Since you ask about your Arsenal
website, none of your pages have clean coding. You haven't declared which HTML standard you're using, so many web browsers will just read it as they wish, rather than as it should; you've used 'height' as a table attribute in your html, when it should be in an external CSS file, reading:

.table {
height: 500;

and on the Ancestry page, you have used a < bt> tag instead of < br>.

There's more, but I won't bother ;)

On topic, both teams look past it, and neither is going to go up unless they invest in world class goalkeepers (I know they're hard to come by, but Liverpool and Chelsea have both gone 10+ hours without conceeding goals, and that's why they have both got easily the best form in the Premiership at the moment). Once both teams have rock solid defences, then they'll resurge.

January 05, 2006

Blogger James Crossley said...

Thanks for that Noel: I wondered what was going on.

January 05, 2006

Blogger J. B. Hood said...

I hate to say it but I think the "solid, old fashion English players" are in short supply--there aren't enough to go around.

James is absolutely right on the need for a midfield. SAF is buying defenders at the moment because of (short term) injuries, but the far more critical need is someone better than the current crop save Ronaldo (he's in a slump, it won't last forever).

January 07, 2006

Blogger James Crossley said...


January 08, 2006


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