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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Private Eye, blogging and gender

Just another view on the question of gender and blogging from the satirical magazine Private Eye on the BBC's recent approach to news and public interaction. Not quite sure if Private Eye meant Nick Robinson runs a particularly macho blog (I don't bother reading it so I don't know) or if blogging is seen to simply be a male thing but anyway...

'Other manifestations of this obession with "accessibility" are...that Nick Robinson keeps a blokey "blog" for BBC online.' Private Eye, 17 Feb - 2 March, p. 12.


Anonymous Noelinho said...

I keep some tabs on his blog, but it's nothing special. Most of what he writes isn't exactly, shall we say, "enlightening". In fact, it sometimes feels like you're reading "The Sun" when he talks about "Gordon's grin".

March 01, 2006


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