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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Moses conference

The conference was held in Lausanne and Geneva. Many good papers were given and the hospitality was pretty amazing as were the views. Jim West would have been in Reformed heaven (if I can say that) in Geneva and has no doubt been to the Reformation museum (I must say though that the retelling of the Reformation there is not quite the way I see it!). And, did you know, there is even a John Calvin beer. Anyway, here are the papers and I think there will be a publication following shortly. More on that when I know more details.

Diana Edelman, 'Taking the Torah out of Moses: Moses' Claim to Fame Before Becoming the Quintessential Law-Giver'

Youri Volokhine, 'Moïse, les Juifs et l’Egypte'

Philip Davies, 'Moses in the Book of Kings'

Christophe Nihan, "Moïse est-il parmi les prophètes?"

Claudio Zamagni, 'Eusèbe comme source des traditions juives sur Moïs'

Philippe Borgeaud, 'Moïse et son âne'

Adrian Curtis, 'Moses in the Psalms with Special Reference to Psalm 90'

George Brooke, 'Moses in the Dead Sea Scrolls: Looking at Mount Nebo from Qumran'

Jean-Daniel Kaestli, 'Moïse chez Hécatée d’Abdère'

James Crossley: 'Moses and Pagan Monotheism'

Simon Butticaz et Daniel Marguerat, 'La figure de Moïse en Actes 7. Entre la christologie et l’exil'

Peter Oakes, 'Moses in Paul'

Jan Rückl, 'Exode 1,10 : Another Exodus Tradition?'

Thomas Römer, 'Les guerres de Moïse'

René Bloch, 'Moses and Myth in Ezekiel's Exagoge'


Blogger steph said...

JC Beer ... a piously mind altering, flat, bitter, no-frills brew?

May 18, 2006


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