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Monday, May 22, 2006

Team Blog and why this one

Deinde: shamelessly flirting, trying to recruit ;)! Anyway, along with Jim West , what this actually amounts to is an interesting call for bringing the less active bloggers together. This seems a good idea to me but then let me contradict that by defending this blog. I haven't been able to post all that regularly these past few months as I've been doing a fair bit of teaching not to mention research. It really is not easy to do everything and the blog for obvious reasons has to suffer first. But summer is almost upon us and things should change. Even if they did not I still think I would defend this blog. It was originally put forward for a certain political slant to NT studies and it has proved useful in getting some debates started. Many of these have either been reflected in the comments sections or in numerous personal emails and I really wouldn't want to lose that. More recently it has been quite helpful in promoting secular approaches by hopefully showing such approaches don't have to be of the Dawkins variety. I also have some related topics I wish to discuss in a bit of detail here. But more on that in the months to come.

Anyway, there's my defence. And Jim seems to agree...


Blogger Jim said...

Yes indeed I do. Not that I'm anyone or that my opinion matters. But still, there it is after all.

May 23, 2006

Blogger steph said...

of course it matters Jim when it's right!! (and I'm not suggesting that it isn't ever)

May 23, 2006


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