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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Pope on Islam

I've read through the Pope's University of Regensburg speech from a couple of days ago. Leaving aside his view of the university, I can't help but feel there is the now fairly standard cultural stamp of the myth of Christian superiority over against Islam that is also interesting in its historical (non-)selection. It also seems a bit of a philosophical caricature of Islam. I could elaborate but instead I would read the article by Giles Fraser in the Guardian.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of caricatures that stew of Ratzinger, the Catholic Church, Evangelicals, America, Iraq is not a bad effort itself.

Some pause for thought might have come upon reflecting that this and the last Pope have frequently condemned the invasion of Iraq.

Gotta love that final trump card from Jesus. Ba da bing, ba da boom.

September 17, 2006

Blogger TOR Hershman said...

"The Awful Facts" of history, just visit the URL for the spoken word mp3 and say.....AMEN (hotep IV).


September 20, 2006

Anonymous Christopher Shell said...

The foundation document of the Jews seems to condone violence, even ethnically-based violence, at times; ditto that of the Muslims. The NT doesn't. (Nor does one find militias of pentecostal christians etc, as opposed to cultural / tribal / nominal christians.) If that is the sort of thing that the pope is getting at, then we must all agree that he is right.

October 04, 2006


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