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Monday, January 29, 2007

More Scripture and Sk/cepticism Conference

More from the S&S conference. James Tabor discusses the significance of Albert Schweitzer while on April DeConick's new blog (and thanks to Loren Rosson for pointing this out), The Forbidden Gospels Blog, is a discussion of her paper on the critical study of Christian origins with reference to the issues of canonical and non-canonical literature.


Anonymous Christopher Shell said...

Yawn! All this 'forbidden gospels' lark.
Whatever criteria one uses for determining what gospels contain some genuine historical information and which do not, some gospels are always going to be excluded.
If this were not the case, I could write a 'gospel of Christopher' tomorrow and force people to include it.
By speaking of 'forbidden' gospels one is pandering to the prejudices of those who want there to be a conspiracy. It is bad enough for an ordinary Joe to do this; but a bona fide scholar?

January 30, 2007


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