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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Paul, the Romans need another epistle

"Now I run to father Dante to find out what circle of Hell my beloved Roma has fallen into: maybe that of the proud and vainglorious. Conceding three goals in eight minutes could only have happened to a squad that thought it was divine."

"We are in a time of theoretical equilibrium in football. A technical savaging like this leaves one genuinely stupefied."

"...this is the price you pay on nights in which beauty knows how to make itself ruthless"

Just some of the words from the Italian press (collected here) about last night's glorious performance (Man U 7-1 Roma). Ronaldo was stunning (a bit greedy perhaps but he can be forgiven under the circumstances) as was the whole team. Giggs is playing like I never thought he would once his devastating pace left him: he is a very smart player. Good to see Alan Smith score. Rooney. Carrick (very nice goals). Ah, the whole team were simply outstanding. EVEN Fletcher had an excellent game. Passing, speed, clinical finishing, the lot. Maybe when United beat Juventus away when they were 2-0 down in '99 was better but as an all round performance of breathtaking quality. And remember no Scholes or Neville or Saha. I honestly thought United would blow it last night and their season would go down in flames.

United have a good record against Italian teams so maybe AC Milan would be the best semi-final but they are one Italian team that can be a serious problem on their day. I never like United playing Bayern Munich and that would be even tougher I think.

But I can enjoy the Roma victory for the time being.


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