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Monday, September 10, 2007

BNTC Exter

A return to Exeter and very sunny and some good people. But I always find it tiring.

Jesus Seminar. For abstracts scroll a couple of posts down. Went well. Karen Wenell gave a paper on Jesus and the land. I think I am in more or less agreement which I'm sure will make Karen's day. There was some discussion of the political implications of this (including maps) which is what I'm particularly interested in at the moment. Oh and Karen's book on Jesus and Land is out now.

Cameron Freeman's paper was the most argumentative of them all but very good fun for it. Kind of general agreement on the first half (parables and paradox) and plenty of fireworks on the second half (links to Chalcedon Christology). Cameron strangely reminded me of a fellow Aussie Michael Bird, and not just the Aussie-ness. Similar kind of character.

The two papers on non-Canonical stuff were well received and there was some very detailed discussion. With a few differences here and there seemed to be general agreement. It would have been interesting to have someone there with a very different viewpoint to shake things up and get Simon Gathercole and Andrew Gregory fighting.

The one downside about chairing (other than the early start) is that it means missing other sessions. There were several papers that looked worth seeing/hearing, including, naturally, John Lyons' on Johnny Cash.

As ever, I learned lots outside papers, and not just gossip. Night times were always good though inevitably late. Also I tend to (read: always) avoid the evening meals and go somewhere else and this meant heading off to some particularly pleasant eating places with some particularly pleasant people. Thought: there is a very interesting group of people in their 30s and 40s doing some creative and different things to the mainsteam of NT studies so I'm wondering what the BNTC (and indeed other NT scenes) will look like in years to come when these people become the establishment.

Finally on Sat morning Sean Winter told me I had converted. At that point on Sat morning I was in no fit state to argue.