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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Blair to teach religion at Yale

From the Guardian:
Yale, the Ivy League alma mater of his good friend George Bush, confirmed yesterday that the former prime minister is to join the schools of management and divinity at the campus in New Haven, Connecticut, in the autumn. He will teach a course on faith and globalisation, looking at religion in the modern world.

This will also be the theme of his Faith Foundation, which he is to launch in London before his Yale commitment starts. It is intended to promote understanding between Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Dear Lord


Blogger Judy Redman said...

Indeed. Clearly your former PM has hidden depths - or good connections. :-)

March 08, 2008

Anonymous steph said...

Yale are scraping the barrel. Anyway what will he do? Make a few guest appearances by private jet? Or will he rough it and live as a house warden on campus?

March 08, 2008

Blogger Geoff Hudson said...

Does he appear in your paper as one of Caesar's, sorry Bush's,
willing theolgians? Is our Tony not the master of justifying the unjustifiable? He would have made an excellent Flavian historian. And you have to watch Gordon's lips, or his chin, to know when he is lying.

March 08, 2008


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