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Friday, March 14, 2008

Champions' League Draw

Arsenal v Liverpool
Fenerbache v Chelsea

Roma v Manchester United
Schalke v Barcelona

I dunno about this one. Would obviously have liked Schalke or Fenerbache. I'm not convinced avoiding English club is a good thing because United have been far too cautious against European opposition and I know my official Sheffield MUFC consultant agrees. There is the possibility of a Barca semi though. That might bring out the attacking instincts (memories of the 98/99 classic - truly one of THE most entertaining games you'll see).

On the positive side, at least either Liverpool or Arsenal are out. Here's to a United-Fenerbache final (while beating Liverpool in the final would be very special, it would be far too nervy for my own good).

I like this from the Guardian though:
A post left on a newspaper's internet forum at 10.28am this morning - 90 minutes before the draw took place in Nyon, Switzerland - correctly predicted the entire quarter-final draw.The poster claimed that bookmakers were no longer willing to accept bets on the draw, although it is understood that most were not running books on it anyway.

When all four ties predicted in the post came to fruition, it caused fevered internet speculation that some sort of manipulation might have taken place. But a Uefa spokesman denied any wrongdoing: "It is just a lucky guess. I have been in touch with people internally and they are quite surprised. They find it a little ridiculous actually. The results of the draw and the practice draw were completely different, and I think it was just pure luck that this guy could get them all right. That's the only explanation we can give."

Now didn't Fergie accuse UEFA of fixing the draw once...


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