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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Staff-Student Biblical Studies Football

Well, in the midst of the chaos of end of term there was the highly anticipated Staff-Student football/soccer match. I'll leave details of the commentary for another day but just to note the performance by Keith 'Anderson' Whitelam.

I heard on the terraces the following song and in the interests of taste and self preservation I couldn't find missing words:

'Whitelam-lam-lam' (tune: 'Agadoo'; lyrics: Black Lace; apologies to the Anderson song):

He's better than Kleberson,
He's our midfield magician
On the left, on the right [well, left again really]
Do the samba dance tonight,
He is class, he is crass
and he [blank] on [blank]


Blogger Jim said...

well first, you're really wicked. and second, i cant sing the song in my head because i've never heard of the tune. at all.

you're descending to the depths of tilling-ianity....


May 30, 2008


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