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Saturday, December 20, 2008

International SBL and Music

John Lyons has already mentioned this but I'll repeat it anyway:

Call for papers for the Bible and Music section, International SBL, Rome, Summer 2009

Meeting Begins: 30/6/2009
Meeting Ends: 4/7/2009

Call For Papers Opens: 15/9/2008
Call For Papers Closes: 31/1/2009

Requirements to Submit a Paper Proposal

Bible and Music

This program unit will include a session of papers devoted to the Bible and Popular Music and an open session for which papers concerned with any aspect of music in relation to Biblical Studies are invited.

Program Unit Chairs

William John Lyons
James Crossley


Blogger James F. McGrath said...

I am very interested in this, not just because I've never been to Rome and would love an excuse to visit, but also because one of the things I'm hoping to work on during the break is a proposal for a course on religion and music.

Is this a new section on the program?

December 20, 2008

Anonymous steph said...

That sounds fun - but with Tintin jumping on board, I think I'll have to give this session a miss. :-)

December 20, 2008

Blogger John Lyons said...

Hi James M,

I'll take a liberty and answer for James on his own blog :)

It is a session that Matthew Collins has tried to get off the ground at the International SBL, but without much success. I asked about it last year and he offered me the chance to run it in Auckland. I didn't go, so that didn't happen. In fact it didn't run at all. Following the success of our seminar on Reception History at the EABS in Lisbon, James and I decided to try this again and Matthew has kindly let us take on the Bible and Music session for Rome. We don't know where it all goes, but we are pretty keen to give people the opportunity to consider a great cache of exposition that is just never even considered by most of the folk in our discipline.

The last thing I'd say, and I am sure James would agree with this, the material is just bloody good fun. There is stuff that you just wouldn't believe and some of it deserves critical considertion.


John Lyons

December 21, 2008

Blogger James Crossley said...

Well answered John! James, I'd endorse what John said and add that presenting on this topic at EABS last year was probably the most fun I've had giving a paper with some great discussion.

December 21, 2008


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