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Friday, January 09, 2009

Top 50 Ancient History Blogs

This blog and other biblioblogs were included in the Top 50 Ancient History Blogs. However, the link has gone down. Does anyone know anything about this?

I'm also curious because it seemed that the choices were those blogs without the confessional additions. I wanted to check this for curiosity's sake...


Blogger N T Wrong said...

I don't know.

But have you see the latest Studies in Religion journal? It includes an article which assesses whether the findings of historical Muhammed or historical Jesus scholars are more governed by confessional considerations. You'll never guess what their answer is (for what it's worth).

Herbert Berg - Sarah Rollens, "The historical Muhammad and the historical Jesus: a comparison of scholarly reinventions and reinterpretations", 271-292

I'll look forward to your post on this.

Bishop N. T. Wrong

P.S. Yes, I'm really gone.

January 09, 2009

Blogger James Crossley said...


But, seriously, thanks for the reference: I'll definitely follow that one up.

I hope you live on in spirit/comments sections...

January 14, 2009


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